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Heroes and Horses - The Montana Horse Drive

We've talked about Heroes & Horses here a few times.  You can check this link for a lot more info on the who, what and why.

TSO/Mothax and I are going to Montana tomorrow to check out the facilities and operation for this summer's Heroes & Horses program from Soldiers' Angels.

And while we're there, we are going to participate in the Annual Spring Horse Roundup - it's the last round up of wild horses in the US.  We're going to drive them from their winter pastures, move them across SW Montana, through downtown Three Forks on Saturday, and then finally home to their ranch on Sunday where they will be broken for the nearby Montana Dude ranches.


You either have to be expendable or have a distinct lack of a sense of self-preservation to attempt this.  So, TSO and I (both expendable and risk takers) will be ranging ahead of the 400-500 stampeding horses, closing off pastures, repairing fences, looking for hazards, etc.  It will be about 40 degrees and snow/rain on Friday.  Perfect Army weather for good times. 

Good times.

While I grew up in the city (NYC, Chicago), my parents bought a farm SW Wisconsin (Mineral Point) in the late 60s where we raised Appaloosas.  I spent most summers on horseback but I'm not a wrangler or cowboy; however, I can ride.  TSO?  Not so much.  Hilarity (from both of us) is bound to ensue.  TSO has a humorous look at what might happen on this trip.

I will try to post updates of this adventure and am looking forward to bringing the groups of combat vets to SW Montana this summer.  TSO will post updates as well.

Hard work might be it's own reward.  But so will be experiencing the last of the old west.  The freedom that so many of us fought for is embodied in the American cowboy.  And those combat vets will get a chance to experience it, through some hard and dangerous work, as a reward for their service to our great country.  You can donate a few bucks or you can sponsor a vet or an entire group by going here.

Anywhere, Anytime (my old Troop's motto).

If you ain't Cav!!!