Best Libya analogy yet
Our barbarian allies kill UN workers in Kabul

Blackfive Buys

Making some big changes around here...

We are also making plays for This Ain't Hell but haven't rounded up enough brown "things" from central america to make it worth Lilyea's while, yet.

We would have bought Mudville (tons of cash plus front row Marshall Tucker Band tour tickets), but G ain't selling.

Castle Argghhh! wanted a Counterweight Trebuchet from 1165 and I tried to acquire it, but the government of France wouldn't sell it and my spook friends refused to set foot in that country in order to steal it.  So, no dice there...

I offered The Sniper a night of Irish Car Bombs and a complete brewery to run as long as I get part of the profits and help with "sales".  Still in negotiations.  Might have to move out east.

Boston Maggie would not take any money - said she'd sell her blog for a date with one former Navy Admiral named Frank and if I permanently tatoo'd a Red Sox logo on my chest.  I like the Red Sox so that's probably doable., apparently,  is available for some "non-yellow" pants...