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This Is Why We Have Meetings....

Or conduct a walk through before moving out to the LD, rehearse actions on the objective, or do a final briefback at the ORP to ensure everyone knows the plan and understands the changes.

Evidently, this is a concept that is quite unfamiliar to the current OinC and his SecDef...

Saturday from the OinC's weekly radio address---

When innocent people are brutalized by a leader like Kadhafi who was threatening a “bloodbath,” and when nations are prepared to respond together, “it’s in our national interest to act,” he said. “And it’s our responsibility.”

Followed today (Sunday) by SecDef on Meet The Depressed---

David Gregory:  Is Libya in our vital interest as a country?

Robert Gates: No, I don’t think it’s vital interest for the United States, but we clearly have interest there and it is a part of the region which is a vital interest for the United States.

So, the support by fire didn't pay attention to the green star cluster marking the assault element crossing the objective, thereby putting bullets where bullets shouldn't be at that time....

I know that many expect Chicago Jesus and the cabinet he barely talks to to be able to conduct leadershipy kind of things, but this is what you get when the the non-stop amateur hour that is this administration tries to actually do something, because doing something is a much different thing than talking about doing something.  This is exactly what happens when you put someone in charge that has only had to organize a community, moderate "breakout sessions" or give speeches. 

The sycophant stenographers in the Old Media just can't really bring themselves to spend endless broadcasts bashing the president over 4 dollar a gallon gas (constant with the last president), high unemployment (when unemployment was 5.5% in the last administration), looming inflation, possible insolvency and a destructive healthcare bill.  I would think that their hypocrisy meters would be pegged far enough past "overload" that they would have to stop ignoring the "it is for me, but not for thee" attitude.  The type an amount of completely opposite statements that came from state senator Obama, US Senator Obama, Candidate Obama and now President Obama should have caused their heads to burst at this point.  Then again, maybe there is a bit of room in there...  Something that they forgot about when they were swooning and fainting at his campaign events was that you can't vote "present" when you are one in charge.

It is my belief that if this "bong hit diplomacy" continues (one of my favorite Uncle Jimbo-isms BTW), we are in for at least a generation of rebuilding our character and relationships around the world, because this President can't seem to be able to order an omelet without having to first check the poll numbers (would mushrooms be offended if ham and onions were not included?), consult what MSNBC thinks about eggs (too much cholesterol--have some granola instead), ask the UN if it violates the eggs rights, get the buy in of our allies to ensure the omelet has the right amount of calories (can't have a "heavy" package omelet--allies might not like it), minimize collateral damage to chicken farms and on and on....

I had an old platoon sergeant who I watched tell my new platoon leader during an unguarded moment while training "Sir, you need to lead, follow or get the hell out of the way."