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Civil War

The UN actually acts on Libya- now what?

OK so we got a UN Security Council approved No Fly Zone, which is kind of amazing and a positive step on its own. It is certainly late in coming, we'll see if it's too late period. Politco is saying this could be vindication for Hillary, who was pushing for this. Now I have never believed in Bush's war, or Obama's war or Hillary's war that is a BS construct. Any time we put our military in harm's way it is America's war. So let's talk about what the hell this is going to be all about.

First of all I never favored a no fly zone, or an invasion but I certainly wanted some type of action that could have let Gaddafi know that we weren't going to sit by and let him mow down the opposition. The simplest and smartest thing to do would have been cruise missile strikes against the air fields where the jets live back when this first cranked up. There are only a few of them and blowing up a bunch of his toys and punching holes in the runway might have reminded the drag queen that he has plenty of money and maybe a nice cushy exile and reunion w/ his nurse beats ducking for the rest of his days.

Military force is best used as a deterrent or as an overwhelming answer when deterrence fails. If we had taken out some of the weapons he would use to fight the folks who had enough of his crap, then this whole thing might have been avoided. We didn't, mostly because our President is damn sure not the decider. And he is a-scared of what might happen if he takes action and is actually responsible. But now it is fair to ask WTF are we, and to a smaller extent the Brits and who knows maybe the French, actually doing? Abu Mookie asks most of the right questions and reminds us that just moving a dictator out doesn't mean people will throw flowers at us. You have to have a plan for the aftermath. We didn't in Iraq and it showed. 

What happens if Gadhafi pulls back? Do we continue to try and press the advantage of the rebels until his government falls? Do we have the authorization to do that? Do we expect a civil war in Libya to drag out, and if so, how will we take sides? If Gadhafi falls, what comes next? What will the new Libyan government look like? Will they be friendly to U.S. interests?

All good questions and they should have been part of the conversation leading up to a decision. But then Mook goes all soft.

Someone please tell me how this ends

Seriously? I mean all italicized and serious? C'mon man, that's part of the whole problem. You cannot know how it will end. Of course you need to know what the goal of any intervention is, but you can't hang a need to know how things turn out before we can take action. Sometimes you have to act to influence events and attempt to take advantage once you disrupt things, ya' know getting inside their OODA loop. You can plan and think and end up with paralysis by analaysis, that is Obama's biggest problem. Absent a perfect plan with no chance of failure, he chooses to not choose. Now we have some sort of decision and I agree with Mook, I would like to hear some actual goals named, e.g. Gaddafi dead, deposed or in exile is a good start, but how far are we going to go to make that happen.

I can't imagine anyone thinks US tanks rolling is a good idea, buy what about Egyptian ones? Special Forces has guerrilla warfare and training insurgents as a mission just as much as counterinsurgency, so sending some of the fellas to help the rebels out is probably a good call, and already likely to have happened. If this is serious, then bombs and cruise missiles should be exploding all over Gaddafi's world. Reagan barely missed the bastard, who knows we might get lucky. Right now everyone is singing kumbaya and saying they will help, we will see how that works out. So we take out Gaddafi, then we will just send in Paul Bremer and the CPA, oh wait. I can tell you one thing, the UN can have the post beatdown phase, they owe us.