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The Men Who Stare at Goats Senators An Investigating General - Part III

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Over at This Ain't Hell, Mark Zaid ES-F#CKING-QUIRE and attorney for LTC Holmes has made an appearance into the scene.

Let me be clear from the outset that I serve as Michael Holmes’ attorney.

Your supposition as to what transpired is simply inaccurate and misdirected. It is not LTC Michael Holmes’ story that has been modified or allegations withdrawn or points conceded. And I can certainly state that participation in the 15-6 investigation, which we wanted and I attended, had nothing to do with the Ackerman story or any perceived “mea culpa”.

The Rolling Stone story was unfortunately sensationalized and did not properly portray the facts...

Gee, that wasn't the intent?  Because Rolling Stone is not sensational?  Hhmmm, did you ask GEN McChrystal about that.  Wow, then you guys are either completely brain-dead or you think we are.

Jonn fires back:

Mr Zaid,

Let me be clear from the outset; I serve as Michael Holmes’ tormentor. How did Holmes NOT think that Rolling Stone or Ackerman would sensationalize his fairy tale? I believe that was his (your) intention from the outset. Unfortunately for you, General Petraeus named an investigator before the sun set and now you’re tasked with stomping out all of the little forest fires your client set. He’s no whistleblower, he’s just another doofus who got caught trying to make money on the tax payer’s dime.

Apparently, LTC Holmes is being questioned at the Pentagon as part of the investigation ordered by GEN Petraeus. 

Hopefully, LTC Holmes will hand over his weapon to the bouncer at the Crystal City Diner when he goes to lunch break.

That is all.  But do go read the post and comments over at This Ain't Hell.