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Steel on Target from Ranger Up & Jorge Rivera

If you missed all the brilliant pre-fight hype orchestrated by the whack jobs at Ranger Up prior to Jorge Rivera fighting Michael Bisping, then you cheated yourself. In the fight, Bisping cheated with an illegal knee to the head and the fight should have ended there, but Jorge didn't want to cheat the fans. So he went on and Bisping prevailed over a damaged Jorge.

Now the whole point of the hype campaign was to get Bisping to fight and to get in his head. It worked a little too well, and Bisping stepped way out of line with the knee and then by spitting at Jorge's corner. Yes you guessed it, Bisping is a Doucheasaurus erectus. Here are Nick Palmisciano and Jorge talking about the campaign. Well done gentlemen, a brilliant job of grassroots viral marketing. Don't stop before you get to Nick's clarification on Bisping's bestiality (seriously).