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Recondo history

The Center for American Military History is seeking input from members of the veteran community. The project has built an online encyclopedia that focuses solely on preserving U.S. military history, on the same platform as Wikipedia.

One of the trial articles covers Recondo School, which turned out the world's finest jungle warriors during Vietnam. The culmination exercise for the intense, two-week course was a live reconnaissance patrol against real enemies, resulting in both U.S. and enemy fatalities.

There is a discussion page for each entry, where veterans and family members can connect and share stories. Users can add content - with or without creating an account - just like Wikipedia. Only this site is made by veterans, for veterans. The Center for American Military History is also utilizing the site to bridge from the internet to print; in addition to being thoroughly sourced, each article will also list books on the subject. Future plans include a nationwide network of military history libraries.

Stop by and check it out. The site will officially launch in just over one month.