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Islamists rising in the Middle East

Muslims miss their own rally

One of the bigger Islamist clowns, Anjem Choudary from the UK, was supposed to bring his traveling goat rape rope to Obama Town today. Our team got ready to repel boarders and I was anticipating a rowdy fiesta. Well I got the fiesta, but it wasn't the Muslims it was Mexicans protesting the drug war. Mr. Chowdary failed to show. Here is Bev Perlson riling the crowd up for a non-confrontation. Frank Gaffney was there to instruct about the dangers posed by infiltration of Islamic law.


Well as much fun as speechifying can be, it's got nothing to compare with a good tet a tet with the open-minded supporters of a new Caliphate. So my cones were a little chafed as I note below. No language alert, but it is still offensive to any decent-minded, progressive tolerance monger. Video courtesy of UJ(p) with an assist from the One-eyed Jack.

Some more pics below the fold.


This is the crazy wannabe Koran-burning preacher from Florida. We steered clear of him.


Frank Gaffney spreading some knowledge.