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Missing the point....as usual

So the NY Times had Alessandra Stanley review a new show called "Coming Home" about military folks surprising their kids by showing up unannounced. Only a liberal douche could find this to be wrong, and Stanley is exactly that hag.

Surprise reunions are amazingly popular — YouTube is crammed with home videos of soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan — unannounced — to their spouses’ offices or their children’s classrooms. One clip, in which a bubbly fourth-grade girl, Hannah, falls to pieces when her father, Master Sgt. Joseph Myers of the Air Force, walks in, has been watched more than 3.7 million times.

You and I, along with all decent people on Earth understand that these surprise reunions give the kids a bliss that no left wing butt head, America-hating crank like Ms. Stanley could ever understand. You see these kids understand that their parents are doing the hard work that keeps our country and the planet resonably safe to live on, even for nasty old liberals like Alessandra. If you go to this foul harridan's wiki page the largest section is the large collection of questions about her accuracy, that says a lot.

Obviously someone told her that a whole article trashing military families was a bad idea, so she closed with this.

At its best, however, “Coming Home” gives viewers — and real bystanders who appear on the show — a chance to pay tribute to men and women who are too often forgotten and ignored. It is often said that less than 1 percent of the American population is bearing 100 percent of the burden of battle; too often the troops get only 1 percent of the nation’s attention. And when there is news about the war, the bad tends to outweigh the good, be it suicides, traumatic injuries or banks that foreclose on the homes of soldiers stationed overseas.

“Coming Home” focuses on the best thing about combat: getting out alive.

No you ignorant fool, the best thing about combat is serving your country to give useless oxygen thieves like you the chance to minimize your sacrifice. F**k you Alessandra, but do enjoy your freedoms.