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Libya contingencies

So we are finally getting around to putting some assets where they could influence events, well that is if we ever decide that is the right thing to do. I mean what if something bad happens, or somebody gets hurt, or some reporter says mean things about us. WHOA! sorry I was channeling Obama there for a minute. But here is his lap dog Sec. Gates discussing our potent response to the chaos in the Middle East.

SEC. GATES:  Well, first of all, I have directed several Navy ships to the Mediterranean.  The USS Kearsarge and the [USS] Ponce will be entering the Mediterranean shortly and will provide us a capability for both emergency evacuations and also for humanitarian relief.

Wow, evacuations and humanitarian relief. Would it be considered humanitarian to relieve the Libyan people from being shot and killed by Gaddafi's mercenaries? Ah but there I go again getting all cowboy when what the situation calls for is some serious dithering. That will show people where America stands, somewhere back in the corner not causing any trouble.

And seriously he is sending the USS Ponce, shouldn't that be a British ship?