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Keeping An Eye Out

There is a LOT going on right now in the world, and it is easy to get distracted or be distracted by some of the coverage.  The good news is, there are some good sources out there.

First, do not fail to watch Yemen.  Hint.  The best source of information on Yemen, what is going on there, and the ramifications of same is Jane Novak at Armies of Liberation. This is especially true given some of what has come out of the lace panty brigade at Foggy Bottom of late. 

Second, as Jimbo noted recently, Michael Totten is a go-to source of information who quite often has first-hand knowledge of areas, politics, people, and more.  When it comes to the Middle East (and parts of North Africa), he is someone I look to for good information and analysis. 

Third, when it comes down to enemy propaganda and the smackdown of same, I look to The Jawa Report.  It is worth noting that Jane is one of the contributors there.  Rusty and the gang do a lot of hard work exposing propaganda, dealing with it (something many seemed determined not to do, even when it's their official job), and even exposing networks and connections.  Amidst the hyperbole, and the the (justifiable) fixation on Howie's predelictions, they are a go-to site for news and information you won't get in the MSM.  And given some of the, er, distractions, they post, much more fun (for me at least).