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The Cage Match Slap Fight between IAVA and the VA continues and incidentally this comment from the previous post was just so spot on.

Durka-Durka said...

Did I just witness a pissing contest between two groups over who has the better facebook page? Cause, you know, when I look for a veteran's organization, the first thing I look for is if they have a good facebook page or not.

We're a nation of idiots.

Well it's kinda hard to argue, but as a well known provocateur I am obligated by union rules to pitch a little glow stick juice on this, so here is Rd. II.

Reickhoff VA has made significant improvements to its social media presence and utilization in the last few years. Up until a year ago key social media positions did not even exist, including the role of the Director of New Media. These hires are a huge step forward. With thousands of new veterans coming home in the coming years, the social media team has the potential to be a pivotal force in transforming VA culture and the way the agency serves our community.

However, VA still has a long way to go when it comes to the adoption and optimization of social media. Although VA now runs dozens of Twitter feeds and Facebook pages, something young veterans expect at a minimum from a responsive organization of any kind, VA’s overall outreach to new veterans continues to lag. If we assume, as we must, that all veterans want access to the healthcare, benefits and other incentives they have earned, then well-funded and executed VA outreach and education programs are absolutely critical. If these are as visible as VA has argued, then why are only 50 percent of Iraq and Afghanistan vets utilizing VA healthcare today? Either these veterans don’t want the benefits, don’t know about them or can’t get to them.

OK then it gets into blah, blah, blah and racketa racketa. Since we have a nickname for VA's Brandon Friedman who embodies all the best qualities of the Muppets Beaker, I think Mr. Reickhoff needs one as well. Shrek is easy and obvious, but let's dig a little deeper and see what we can come up with.