Good Hunting
The Hate America fest- War Pigs Bluegrass Breakdown

Hate America weekend Day 2 Lafayette Park across from Barry's

Concrete Bob and I both feel comfortable giving the moonbats a head count of 1,000 at their annual Bush Lied, Obama Cried, Libyans died fest. They do it on the anniversary of the Iraq invasion and I find it extremely poignant that there were cruise missiles (Uh hum hummmph) exploding in Libya while I walked amongst the the aging hippies and the young, freshly-fledged, earnestly condescending moonbats. I will call it sardonically ironic, and do you think Obama was fully cognizant of that? I mean someone had to mention that he was essentially setting a pattern. So does that mean it was just Kismet that now we have to finally send some freakin' cruise missiles and oopsie doopsie it's the anniversary of W's war, that he lied us into. Doesn't the left really have to lose their minds and hate on Barry O? Anyhow the spectacle was awesome, 9/11 Truthers and every flavor of moonbat in the menagerie. Here the scene is set. Many, many photos to follow. Their plumage was cracktacular.

Uncle J- Peacemonger. Note that both me and my socialist comrade have pins that say Che' lives and below the fold my shirt has an answer.

Canine abuse


The Che' don't live, he dead and we're glad because he was a psychotic, mass-murdering f***head!