Intro to Hate America weekend- Patriots v. Code Pink
Hate America weekend Day 2 Lafayette Park across from Barry's

Good Hunting

More and more I find myself writing positive things about Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who has come through once again.  Only last week we were faced with the sorrowful spectacle of an America standing by while a tyrant crushed a revolt by people seeking a greater degree of justice and liberty.  We watched in 1991, when the uprisings against Saddam were not supported; twelve years of 'no fly zones' later, we still had to go in and do the job that could have been done better and cheaper by helping them at the time.

Assuming the New York Times' coverage is accurate -- a leap of faith better fit for a Sunday -- it was Secretary Clinton who corrected our course this time.  We are fortunate to have her in her current post:  for my money she's a far better secretary of state than any of her recent predecessors.  I only regret that she wasn't successful in 2008 in seeking a higher post.  Well done, Ma'am.

I wish our warriors good hunting, and to our allies the French:  Laisser-aller!