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Dept. of Skullduggery open for business?

Formation of the Digital Assassins Guild DAG!

OK now on to some serious stuff. I have seen fit to authorize the raising of a Digital Assassins Guild for the purposes of furthering the art of the online beatdown, the vitriolic rant, the profanity-laced tirade and of course the viciously, scathing ad hominem attack. These vital forms of communication have come under fire by the civility hypocrites who project their own powerless rage and desire to flail out personally at those of us who chose to practice the fine art of digital devastation.

So I make a call for nominations to DAG! These must include citation of qualifying works of Full Frontal Fisking, Expert use of the Clue Bat, Citations of Douchebaggery and Beclownment bestowed, Hypocrisy Hammering, Beatdowns for Ball-washing and other examples of the kind of the quality Digital Assassinry I believe the internets demand.I will answer the under overwhelming call and serve as Guild Master until fairly deposed.

So nominate away, from the left or the right and I will simplify things a little by keeping this to folks who write for mostly online sources. Also accepting ideas for taglines.

 DAG! You might wanna put a tourniquet on that

DAG! Decomissioning douchebags so you don't have to

DAG! You don't mind if I quote you on that?

DAG! Submission due to online Mata Leon