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Now Would Be A Good Time To Quit Screwing Around

Entire Muslim Community stereotyped, singled out & harrassed

That's impressive work and it would take a serious police state to pull it off, if it is even physically possible. But that is actually what the left's dumbest columnist, Bob Herbert of the NY Times, actually wrote about Rep. Peter King asking a few Muslims some questions. Herbert has been consistently dumb for as long as I can recall reading him and both he and the Times official harpy have been using the same mugshots for decades. I wonder if Herbert actually wears the Mummy wrappings in public now. But back to how stunningly dense his arguments are.

King's hearings are called to examine “The Extent of Radicalization in the American Muslim Community and that Community's Response.” I would be interested to hear from anyone actually arguing that there is no radicalization, and sadly there are those who would. But here is King stating the obvious and Herbert's beef.

“There is a real threat to the country from the Muslim community,” he said, “and the only way to get to the bottom of it is to investigate what is happening.”

That kind of sweeping statement from a major government official about a religious minority — soon to be backed up by the intimidating aura of Congressional hearings — can only serve to further demonize a group of Americans already being pummeled by bigotry and vicious stereotyping.

King's statement is demonstrably true and would be more obvious even to drones like Herbert if the homegrown jihadis hadn't been so spectacularly inept, Hasan excepted (May he burn in the Hell beneath Hell). But more dumbnosity please.

To focus an investigative spotlight on an entire religious or ethnic community is a violation of everything America is supposed to stand for.

Well.....no. It would be if it was being done because we just don't like them evil Joooos or filthy Irish or nasty Muslims. But when there is ample, ongoing evidence that mosques are being used as recruiting grounds and indoctrination centers for Muslim losers, then we have a legit beef, unlike Bobby. If any group is being used, knowingly or not, to create the most offensive thing any society can imagine, then that group is going to see some scrutiny. And let's be perfectly clear here, no one is stereotyping, demonizing, singling out or harrassing anyone. We are asking a group of experts to brief the US Congress on a problem that is blisteringly obvious and needs to be addressed. More Bobby.

There is no real rhyme or reason to Congressman King’s incoherent flailing after Muslims. Witch hunts, after all, are about seeing what kind of ugliness might fortuitously turn up.

Really? I think that talking to people who know about the inner workings of Muslim society in the US might yield some interesting info about why members of that community keep trying to kill the rest of us. I am deeply interested in that question, but in the shorter term I am even more interested in simply identifying which members of their community have drunk the Kool Aid and taking them out before they take us out. I believe the Muslim community has been helpful in the past and should be even more helpful in the future in identifying those who start talking jihadi smack. They also need to point out to their kids that we don't think that shit is funny. So kinda like not joking about guns in the airport, I would go easy on the whole "kill the infidels" vibe. It could get you a steerage class berth on a container ship doing laps around the Indian Ocean.

The last thing to note is that once they decide that they will not tolerate jihadi garbage being bandied about they will have made the final step of joining the American melting pot. You gotta clean your own house and assimilate on that at least. We will tolerate a bit of religious weirdness, Quakers, Amish and what not. But you see those folks are pacifists. If the Amish (Chuck Z) were pulling clip clop, clip clop, bang, bang, bang, clip clop, clip clop drive bys, don't you think we would jerk a knot in their horse-driving tails? Well wake the Hell up!