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Charlie Sheen strategy in Afghanistan

Good lord there are far too many dim-witted buffoons in Congress to actually catalog, but Rep. Lynne Woolsey wins the Daily Douchebag award for this asininity.

"General Petraeus is giving us the Charlie Sheen counter-insurgency strategy, which is to give exclusive interviews to every major network, and to keep saying 'we're winning' and hope the public actually agrees with you."

I cannot even begin to imagine the blistering, mind and soul-crushing pain he must experience when he has to sit on front of these ultra-maroons and pretend to give one rat's ass what they say. He knows they will ignore what he says and simply grandstand for the media in order to spit up brain-dead quotes such as this. Hey Lynn, Uncle J's got something for ya',

Petraeus- Warrior, Philosopher, Patriot

Sheen- Drug-addled, Adolescent, Ass Clown

 oh and while we're at it,  why don't you have a big heaping cup of STFU!