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Brian De Palma has American blood on his hands

The movie Redacted was a grotesque monstrosity that was specifically designed to show the American soldier as an evil Crusader pillaging, raping, burning and murdering his way through the Muslim world. For that Brian De Palma and Mark Cuban, who helped fund it, deserve to burn in Hell. Now they have the blood of the US troops killed in Frankfurt splashed on themselves head to toe.

According to the German wire service dapd, the German Attorney General’s Office has confirmed that the video clip viewed by the Frankfurt Airport shooter Arid Uka — and that allegedly provoked him to kill American soldiers — was indeed the rape scene from Brian De Palma’s fictional anti-Iraq War movie Redacted. Attorney General spokesperson Frank Wallenta confirmed the identity of the clip to the German television news magazine Spiegel TV

I don't believe there is any reason or justification for censoring almost anything that people want to publish. But you do bear the consequences of your actions, and those two bastards had a hand in this. They made this film specifically to inflame anyone who saw it with the belief that Americans are evil and inhuman. I don't believe they specifically wanted some Muslim scumbag to kill Americans, but it was an easily foreseeable outcome and like I said, they bear that responsibility and I wish I believed they would feel as badly as they should about that.

So Mr. De Palma, I would like to propose a new film where you show the millions of acts of kindness and humanitarian relief the US military accomplishes each year. And you could show the thousands of schools we have built, the tens of thousands of wells we have dug and the hundreds of thousands of children we have vaccinated. We know what the American soldier stands for and if there is a story that deserves telling the bravery honor, courage and goodness of our troops is it.

I'm not gonna hold my breath Brian. In the meantime I would just like to raise a glass to salute our troops and a double bird to you and the worthless, ignorant, narcissistic douchebags who make up your world. F**k you very much sir!