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Killing Pirates and the Law of the Sea....

I saw today that the Somali Pirates are at it again with the capture of a Danish yacht and 7 more hostages.  Now, I get that this administration and, as Uncle J pointed out, their bong hit diplomacy continues unabated, but don't you think we might want to address this tiny thorn in our global backside before it gets to be a giant MRSA infection?

As a purveyor of solutions (as Mrs. Deebow points out sarcastically on a regular basis); Here is my international law compliant, totally 100 percent, absolutely private-proof solution to this problem; In fact, let's just call this The Deebow Accord on Piracy;

Hunt down and kill the pirates immediately in your sights and operating in your corner of the ocean, sink and burn their boats, repeatedly machine gun the surviving pirates, leave what is left to the sharks, repatriate their loot, burn their hideouts and leave all of this damage and destruction as a warning to others.

I just leafed through the UN Convention on The Law of the Sea and I can't find anything that says we are not allowed, in International Waters, or in the waters off Somalia, to do this.  There actually does not need to be a law on this, because this is what nature's law kind of says in regards to predators and vermin and how they are to be dealt with.  I am actually totally OK with the law being silent on this, because it gives the Deebow Accord the room it needs to "breathe" all the way to the US Navy SEAL operational level. We don't need a National Security finding or an Executive Order, just follow the Deebow Accord.

In fact, the Deebow Accord is small enough to be printed onto a business card (which is very environmentally friendly) and carried in the right front pocket of all the SOF that would handle this for us.  Kind of like a little ROE card to refer to if you get confused about what to do.  Nice thing is, it is short enough that it is easily memorized (part of my overall plan), so the card may be redundant.

I have am trying to imagine a nation (an actual functioning nation state in this case), that would be against this way of handling pirates.  Let's save ourselves some duckets and not detain, try, and incarcerate thesewarts on the behind of the world, thereby subjecting them to some of the same "catch and release" ACLU supported BS that the Gitmo detainees are participating in.  Let's just excise them and move on.

I say that this would not only be an effective and efficient way to deal with these vermin, but saves us precious jail space and resources to detain and incarcerate others who much more deserving of a long time in the Stony Lonesome. 

Anyone know someone I could talk to about this at NATO or the UN about this for the next meeting?