Mom Suspended for Taking Call from her Marine son in Afghanistan
Laying the exit ground work


Some of you old timers around here will remember a documentary about the earlier days of OIF called "Gunner Palace".  It's director, Michael Tucker, has finished a new film about MMA that will premiere in Austin in March.  It is titled "FIGHTVILLE" and it looks to be amazing.

Here are the details:

We have a new film out that I think Blackfive readers who are MMA fans will love. It's called FIGHTVILLE and it premieres on 3/12 at the SXSW Film Festival Austin. Pic features UFC fighters Dustin Poirier and Tim Credeur (TUF Season 7). Dustin just came back from a UFC tout of bases in the Pacific and TIm is Navy Vet.

Info on the screening here:

Here is the promo video: