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Columbia University brings shame and dishonor to the Ivy League

Best sign in Madison

PimpHand The Tea Party took Madison today, and I wish I was there if just to shake the hand of the guy who made this sign.

This will be remembered as the revolt that killed public sector unions. The behavior of the protesters and their grotesque sense of entitlement have awoken the bear. America doesn't cotton to looters or moochers and the folks out this week in Wisconsin were both. Comparing a Governor who was duly elected and ran on a program to cut spending to Hitler and Mubarak is disgraceful.

The fact that teachers and others felt empowered to lie their way out of work and then go to the Capitol to piss and moan is shameful and it will cost them. The cry that budget cuts will affect teachers is no longer going to gain any sympathy. We have seen the teachers in action and we are probably better off with our kids being taught by someone else.

Michelle Malkin has a gallery of the reprehensible signs the tantrum throwers are carrying.