The difference between pacifism and non-violence
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Bellavia for Congress- Oh Hell Yeah!

Bellavia Vets on the Hill Entire herds of cats have left their bags so let's get in the game. David Bellavia is running for the seat deserted by the shirtless wanker in NY State. He will win the seat, mark my words. I knew last week, when he was first contacted and we did a little passing notes around to various peoples. Now it looks like he is going for it and we are gonna help. You can too, there is a donate button on the post at Concrete Bob's and I will put it here as well.

David will be a breath of fresh air a la Chris Christie only even more wicked and funny. Now we just need a campaign slogan, Hmmmmm.



Bellavia, a shirt on every torso

Bellavia, he's been broke too

Bellavia, don't make me come over there.....again!

Bellavia, you did notice I gotta vowel on the end of my name?....just sayin'

Bellavia, keeping arms in our armed services

Bellavia, because pacify is an action verb