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Announcing "Heroes and Horses"


Me and some of the Blackfive, Burn Pit, and This Ain't Hell crew have tried to do a ranch experience for our combat veterans and their families for awhile now.  No one here reading this blog needs to be instructed on PTS or therapy.  That's not what this is about (although if it helps, it helps).  This is about giving vets the time and space to experience one of the most beautiful vistas in the world on the back of a magnificent animal - something that they have fought for and we all own, America. 

So why horses?

If you go and read this excellent post by our own Grim (the smartest man in the room), you will know why I believe this is important. 

Finally, Soldiers' Angels and some very decent people from Montana and Las Vegas are making this experience a reality.  So, this summer we've got several trips planned for combat vets to head out to southwest Montana and spend a week.  You can go here to the official web site for more information or go here at Soldiers' Angels where you can help by donating and for corporate sponsorships, please visit this page.

The bottom-line: 

Heroes & Horses is open to any recent American combat veteran who loves and could benefit from the breathtaking beauty and unique demands of Montana's real ranch country and who craves the sense of accomplishment gained by mastering true horsemanship and skills in the challenging backcountry of America's majestic Rocky Mountains.  A seven-day working horse ranch experience is available for a wide-range of gutsy veterans at the Mantle Ranch, offering an opportunity to learn--through intensive instruction and interaction with fellow combat veterans--how to ride, pack, and orchestrate a mountain trip, as well as a variety of related equine and back-country activities on one of the most spectacular working horse ranches in the West.

Here is the initial program so you get an idea of what to expect.

In future years, we're going to expand to spouses and other groups, but for now, we'll have three separate veteran groups go through the training and trip up into the Rocky Mountains.  If you know of anyone who would be interested, have them contact us at this email [email protected] .  Or send me an email through B5.

Just remember, "Sit Deep".