Yes, It Is Bad
We are the Champions!

Aguilera screws it up, royally...


Number one TV audience of the year.  Epitome of anyone's career- to sing the National Anthem at the Big Game.  Packers and the Steelers.  Epic teams.  And an audience to match watching it all. 

And she totally blows it.

CAN ANYONE in Hollyweird possibly do it right?  Do any of them give two shits about the USA?  And what was with that Michael Douglas opening to the Super Bowl?  Could that have possibly been any more Leftist?  I thought it was going to be a Democrat Party advert at the beginning. 

But anyway, it's a good game, Jimbo will be satiated (if it continues as such) and we'll all have commercials to talk about... and screwy singers.


Aguilera needs to take a lesson from this little girl-