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A Blessing And A Curse

Update:  The subject of the curse below has resigned.  Frankly I'm amazed that NYU accepted (much less maybe asked for) its resignation -- something that should have been done long ago given the aid and comfort provided the enemy in time of war.  As for its apology, I could be doing it an injustice, but I don't believe a single word of it.  At best, it is sorry it got itself in a crack, and I personally believe that it's apology is taqiyya, in other words a lie. 

The blessing goes to CBS Reporter Lara Logan.  I've been tied up but came across her story at The Jawa Report, and followed the links (Ace's take here).  The Farm Team is already all over it, and the comments show a reporter who has had the fortitude to put it on the line including time with Special Forces.  I suspect she knew that Egypt is not a friendly place for females under the best of circumstances, but went and reported anyway.  For whatever it may be worth, my thoughts go out to her and her family (she's a mother of two btw) and my prayers as well. 

The curse goes to Nir Rosen, the "journalist" who embedded with the Taliban.  The same Nir Rosen who used his credentials to move a group of Taliban through an Afghan government checkpoint.  The same Nir Rosen who has spent some time trying to scrub his electronic comments after making what others are calling an appalling reaction and others some other things.  You can scrub all you want Lady MacBeth, those stains are just the darkness coming out through your disguise as far as I am concerned.  You have once again shown your true colors, and I hope that more will see you for what you truly are.  I'm sure the New York University Center on Law and Security is proud to have someone like you represent them, and the UT Austin Center for Women’s & Gender Studies glad to have had you come speak to them.  You are less than the dust beneath a woman's sandals, and unfit for the company of men. 

Fair warning, anyone in the comments here attempting to go anywhere towards where Sneer went will be stomped.  You are warned.