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Wikileaks Fallout

In a move to protect the lives of it's employees, sources, and allies, the State Department is acting as Wikileaks drops another batch of dispatches and cables on the Guardian UK.

The US state department has relocated a handful of foreign diplomatic sources identified in secret embassy cables released via WikiLeaks, and warned hundreds of others about their safety, American officials say.

It is not aware of anyone who has been detained or assaulted as a result of the 2,700 cables released so far through several newspapers, including the Guardian. But the state department has set up a 30-strong team to warn foreign officials, businesspeople and human right activists identified in the main cache of more than 250,000 cables...

More at the Guardian.

And the New York Times publishes:

...Contrary to the administration’s initial fears, the fallout from the cables on the diplomatic corps itself has been manageable. The most visible casualty so far could be Gene A. Cretz, the ambassador to Libya, who was recalled from his post last month after his name appeared on a cable describing peculiar personal habits of the Libyan leader, Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi...

And then adds this laughable quote:

While no decision has been made on Mr. Cretz’s future, officials said he was unlikely to return to Tripoli.

Really?!  I am SHOCKED. /snark