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It's easy to say you support the troops, plenty of people simply mouth the words as a platitude. Sometimes you see a really good example though and most of the time that also tells you about that person. Marco Rubio is one of the good guys and I can't wait to see him on a presidential ticket.

I am the mother of two Marines. My oldest son is a sergeant currently deployed to Afghanistan. On a recent day, I got an exciting and much appreciated phone call from Sen. Marco Rubio [R-Fla.]. He called to let me know that on his recent trip to Afghanistan, he was able to meet my son Sgt. Adam Eri, and that he was doing well, was in great spirits and to thank me for raising such a fine young man serving our country.

What a surprise this was to me that he not only took the time to visit our Marines in a war zone, but to get our phone number from our son and call us to let us know how he was doing.

Our son is a graduate of George Jenkins High School and has served in the Marine Corps for seven years now. This is his third deployment and he is currently deployed with 2nd Battalion 3rd Marines out of Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii.

I was so humbled and grateful at this act of kindness that he took the time to call me. He shared a bit of the area where our son is deployed and the progress our Marines are making in that area. And, yes, they are making progress.

In addition, he shared he would be praying for our son and all service personnel serving. I felt so honored and thankful for this phone call. I knew I voted for the right man last elections.



A visit from politicians is hardly the greatest thing in the world to our troops in the field, most would much rather have a concert or maybe some NFL cheerleaders. But at least it is a break. They volunteered to be there and while it is nice to have the politicians show some gratitude and support its kinda expected. But Mom didn't volunteer. Mom is scared about what could happen to her son. And for Rubio to take time to tell Mom that her boy is OK and to be proud of him means more than any visit to a US base. It is good for both Mom and the Marine who knows she now feels better. Well done Senator. h/t K-Lo at NRO