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Videos from the XO, now CO, of the USS Enterprise are "Raunchy"?

This has been all over the military back channels and the media this weekend...the former XO of the USS Enterprise, Captain Owen Honors, made stupid videos for the ship's movie night back in 2006.  Some of the content of the videos may be offensive.  The Virginian-Pilot broke the story (with no real explanation why).  Here's what the AP is reporting:

The star of the videos, made in 2006 and 2007, is a former Top Gun pilot who now commands the same ship, the Norfolk-based USS Enterprise, which was deployed in the Middle East at the time and is weeks from deploying again.
Capt. Owen Honors appeared in the videos while he was the USS Enterprise's executive officer — the second in command — and they aired on the ship's closed-circuit television. Honors took over as the ship's commander in May...

I thought I would check on this with the Navy Mil-Bloggers.  The first stop you should make is to see the video (which I have watched twice now) over at Commander Salamander's blog.  Commander Salamander adds this to the discussion:

...A couple of things to keep in mind. CAPT Honors was Big XO on one of my old ships - the USS ENTERPRISE (CVN-65). That was roughly four years ago when these videos were seen - by thousands.

Now, almost a half decade later - people who have seen and probably done much worse things on deployment are calling for their Yeoman to bring them smelling salts.

Don't forget that he is now the Commanding Officer of "The Big E."...

Be sure to read his whole post.  I pretty much agree with everything he's trying to get across.

Other Navy mil-bloggers are sounding off too. 

Neptunus Lex has this to say:

...Carrier CO, Navy captain, fighter guy, TOPGUN grad, graduate of the Power School, veteran commanding officer: Now being finger wagged by an O-5 public affairs officer, who knows what is, and is not acceptable in today’s Navy.

It will no longer do, old shoe.

Information Dissemination also has an excellent must-read post on the topic - starting with this:

It is only a matter of time before this video represents visual and irrefutable evidence by someone that Captain Owen Honors is a homophobic, sexist, F-Bomb flamethrower who needs to be hung from the highest mountain top as some example of being out of step with the political correct police, after all something like this would supposedly never be tolerated in Corporate America and must mean the Navy is an institution of minimum standards...

I.D. really lays out all of the issues to include the service record of the Big E, it's crew, it's chain of command and what may or may not happen.

My opinion?  I think the videos are lame.  In poor taste, certainly.  Totally from an aviator.  But not a reason to fire the Captain of the USS Enterprise five years later...