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Again, another meme.  First, officers leaving in droves.  Now, women in the Infantry units.

I don't have issues with examining women's roles in combat units.  After all, since there are no real front lines in the war on terror in OIF or OEF, women have been in serious combat.  We have celebrated the lionesses here time and time again for their courage and committment. 

I'm not debating women in infantry units here.  Perhaps another post.  While I will not to denigrate nor deny women their honored place as Soldiers, I do have a problem with how women in combat are portrayed by the media.  Por ejemplo, I give you Bryant Jordan's piece on this issue for

...While female Soldiers have engaged in combat, they have done so as members of combat support units -- transportation, maintenance and military police -- not infantry. This was highlighted early in the invasion of Iraq when a convoy of the 507th Maintenance Battalion came under attack.

Three of those wounded and taken prisoner by Iraqi forces were women: Pfcs. Jessica Lynch and Lori Piestewa, and Spc. Shoshona Johnson. Piestewa died of her wounds while a prisoner; Lynch was rescued in a controversial, reportedly staged-for-the-camera mission; and Johnson was subsequently rescued along with other members of her unit...

Using the 507th as an example of female Soldiers on the front lines is amateurish at best, giving fodder to the nay-sayers as well. Why?

They failed.

In fact, one reason the whole Jessica Lynch episode upsets us is because it celebrates female soldiers who were captured, while men like Sergeant Don Walters, who gave his life to save theirs, goes unrecognized.

Sergeant Walters was a Food Service Specialist (cook) of the Quartermaster Corps.  Not much is known other than he was last seen fighting until he ran out of ammunition, stabbed twice, shot twice...the man never quit.  The Army upgraded his posthumous Bronze Star to Silver Star five years ago.

In order to really honor our female Soldiers, we cannot give them a pass at the expense of others, especially men like Donald Walters.

There are so many better examples of Soldiers, who happen to be female, demonstrating professionalism. 

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