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The South Camp Perimeter...

Not many of us are old enough to remember the "Pusan Perimeter" (me included), but I know the history of it and I don't know if there is anyone in the "Puzzled Palace" in D.C. that has even considered this problem when we talk about the unrest in Egypt.

You see, in addition to the Operation Bright Star that we do there in Egypt (like Team Spirit or REFORGER) there is a US mission that is in the Sinai that the US provides an Infantry Battalion for, and 11 other nations provide differing levels of support.  The name of this mission is the Multi-National Forces & Observers, called the MFO.  The main base for this ongoing operation for US Forces is South Camp, located in Sharm El Sheikh.

South Camp is perched right on the Red Sea at the tip of the Sinai Peninsula.  I spent part of 2002/2003 there working on South Camp.  About 1100 soldiers and 500 civilians there, and 5 bars.  The whole area is a resort area that is frequented by Europeans and Russians and is filled with SCUBA Shops and casinos.  Nice place to be deployed actually.

And what sparked this little thought was that I saw this nugget at the Jerusalem Post that talks about how the Israelis would face a regime vociferously committed to the destruction of Israel in the form of a government dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood.  Who BTW, would have some top tier equipment courtesy of the US Taxpayer.

Now, I bring this up because the treaty for the MFO mission says that the units that go there are light infantry; and they can't bring anything larger than a crew served 7.62 machine gun.  No Ma Deuce, no AT-4, No TOW Missiles; just M-4s, M-9s, SAWs and 240B's.  You go with what you can carry and take exactly zero combat vehicles.  The ROE is even more ridiculous, with all of the accompanying "receive permission from higher to insert a magazine, shout a warning, fire a warning shot etc.) which definitely makes things harder when it comes to defending yourself.

That kind of armament would not put up much of fight against Egyptian tanks that are part of the large Egyptian Military controlled by an Egyptian government that would be run by the Muslim Brotherhood.  And for those that haven't checked, the Muslim Brotherhood is no fan of America, nor her soldiers. 

Not the kind of hardware needed to defend any kind of "perimeter" with if you ask me....

Who knows if someone is thinking about either reinforcing or evacuating the US Forces from the MFO mission, or coordinating the evacuation of additional forces that belong to our allies there in case something very bad happens.  I just know that if there are members of the NSC and staffers popping popcorn while watching events unfold in the Situation Room and calling for uh... Reform err... or something...  And then still scratching their heads about what to do next, it doesn't give me a great deal of hope that someone could even locate the MFO mission on a map, let alone figure out what file on their computer might contain the contingency plan for the "what if" on this other than "swim."

But this administration has a fairly lengthy history since it's inauguration of making the wrong choices on a number of the foreign policy issues, domestic issues or when faced with any kind of crisis.  And when combined with all the bowing this president seems to enjoy when meeting with foreign governments and their officials, my bet is that the Muslim world (where the majority of our enemies reside) perceives our inaction and head scratching as weakness. 

This foreign policy team does not inspire confidence in me that they could make good decisions regarding the safety of our soldiers and what exactly they would do if the worst happened.  The dithering leading up to the announcement of the "reinforce and retreat" strategy in Afghanistan and the fact that the President recently couldn't even remember which country was which that we were drawing down in are a couple of solid examples of how inexperience, pacifist tendencies, ultra-liberal worldview and an inability to recognize this blind spot is telling of how the next two years are going to be.

And I can't even tell you how super hacked off I would be if the Brotherhood blew up the Hungarian bar and put bullet holes in the Dive Africa dive shop...