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The Pentagon to Cut $78B and 70,000 Soldiers and Marines... but no civilians

    "do you notice any other government agencies proposing personnel cuts, or cuts in their budgets at all? ...Yet there are 69,000 trigger pullers we won’t need five years from now? " - SFC (ret) Jonn Lilyea, This Ain't Hell

All over the news today has been story after story about the DoD cutting the budget by $78,000,000,000.  The New York Times claims this is an indicator that President Obama is serious about cutting budgets across his administration. Ha! What a freaking bunch of horseshit.

Secretary Gates said:

"This department simply cannot risk continuing down the same path where our investment priorities, bureaucratic habits and lax attitudes toward costs are increasingly divorced from the real threats of today, the growing perils of tomorrow and the nation’s grim financial outlook."

And Admiral Mullen said:

“We can’t hold ourselves exempt from the belt-tightening. Neither can we allow ourselves to contribute to the very debt that puts our long-term security at risk.”

I'm sorry, fellas, but you're cutting 70,000 door kickers at the expense of keeping so many other programs.

Why is that?

Oh yeah, because those weapons/technology/manufacturing programs have jobs in districts of *ack!* politicians.

The economy and spending needs to get under control - no doubt about that. However, with everything that we have going on in the world including a hostile Iran and Korea, reducing troop levels by almost 10% is good idea? And the good news keeps coming because the Marines get to use money that they will save and reinvest it into repairing the torn up/blown up/beat up equipment from the war zones. Awesome!

National Defense will take the hit. We'll see what other agencies get reduced in the near future...or not.