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The Great Egyptian Dithering

Boy I'm glad we have a guy who can really restore America's standing in the world and make our foreign policy something we can be proud of again. Near as I can tell this involves sitting silenty on the sidelines as dictators and tyrannical regimes murder their own people to stop popular democratic uprisings. Obama has shown himself to be too indecisive for the job of American President. He makes Commander in Chief decisions based on domestic political dynamics, and he makes foreign policy decisions....well he just pretty much doesn't. Now Egypt is trying to shrug off a dictator and perhaps avoid having his son imposed on them, and the message from our Nobel Laureate (crickets). That is other than the court jester proclaiming that the dictator is not a dictator.

EgyptPeaceKid Obama left foreign policy out of his SOTU speech for a good reason, he has no earthly clue what to do. He has been dominated, often by his own invitation, by pretty much every major player and a whole slew of tinpot dictators. He has prostrated America in penance for sins the left tars us with, and in return he has received nothing. The Russians rolled him on START and now aren't even pretending that they agreed to the treaty the Senate approved. The Chinese pulled the musical equivalent of playing God Save the King at a meeting of the Daughters of the American Revolution. The Iranians laughed as he sat out their slaughter and subsequent pogroms against the Green revolutionaries and now he dithers while Egyptians die.

Is it so damn hard to stand up and say that the will of the people matters? That life under tyranny is not the civilized way? That Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness are the birthright of every man and that where those rights are trampled we will at least bleat out a protest? Apparently not, and that is a shame.