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Jimbo in Combat - Waterloo

Some quality UJ hatin'

This is top notch hatin' and I just have to share. Thanks to Carrie for pointing it out. I think my remarks are being mis construed. Let me repeat what I wrote previously:

The other thing I wish to dispel is the notion that somehow SF or SEAL units would not be professional enough to do this. I am not even close to saying that. If ordered they would do the best that anyone could to accomodate their new team mates and would salute and drive on. I am simply noting that no degree of professionalism can overcome nature, and nature says unequivocally that women would be a distraction. It's not their fault, but it's the way of the world.

Professionalism can overcome instinct, but it can't eliminate it. So the distraction would be there and while that may simply hamper efficiency in the corporate world, hampered efficiency or lack of 100% focus can get people killed in combat.

Maybe Snarky Navy Wife should watch the Yellow Pants video to see my sensitive side.