This Debate Isn't Over....
Women in combat units- Oh! Hell! No!

Running down the links

Tunisia - this older post from B5 pal Michael J. Totten is interesting today...and sad to see Tunis slip into chaos amidst an opportunity to grow...

Watch for some interesting news in the next week on the Marine Corps' "Harvest Hawk" - here's a teaser.  It's a weaponized KC-130 - that's right, it's a refueling bird armed with Hellfire missiles and a Griffin missile pod.  Since it stays on station to refuel aircraft, it can also provide fire support.  And it's now on duty in Afghanistan.

Over at Montrose Toast ("Who Dares Wins"),there are some interesting thoughts on Iraqi Security Forces Development and Iraq's Ability to Defend Itself.

A Marine Kills a Afghan Policeman during a dispute.  Read the Reuters article before passing judgement - the Afghan raised and pointed his weapon at the Marine.  Darwin was right.

Tom Ricks reports about a controversial Marine Corps Gazette article that [attempts to] debunks part of Marcus Luttrell's "Lone Survivor."  Jonn Lilyea at This Ain't Hell also noticed something amiss last spring with the book.

You can be a Weapon of Mass Construction.

Check out this article on new training for canines.  This is a great idea.

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Update:  Here's the link to the actual story that Tom Ricks refers to.