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A Birthday Message From PinkFive

Reality TV check

Well this is just too rich to even start to rip on, so just here it be. Nick fm Ranger Up sends

I'm probably going to be on a reality TV show and they've asked me to help with casting.
*pauses while his friends laugh, takes deep breath*
I need a rigger and a fuel handler who have gone on to civilian success. 
*pauses again*
Can you guys help?
Have them write to [email protected] if they fit the bill!
Bigger search now:

Update:  If you served in one of these capacities and have achieved success in the civilian sector AND want to be on a reality TV show, write nick at [email protected]: Special Forces, Fuel Handler, Rigger, Civil Affairs, Combat Engineer, Food Services, FO, Aviation, Armor, Military Intelligence Long Range Surveillance.  Thanks!

Obviously this thing needs me to get off the ground, but bring 'em on if you fit the bill.