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January 2011

Reality TV check

Well this is just too rich to even start to rip on, so just here it be. Nick fm Ranger Up sends

I'm probably going to be on a reality TV show and they've asked me to help with casting.
*pauses while his friends laugh, takes deep breath*
I need a rigger and a fuel handler who have gone on to civilian success. 
*pauses again*
Can you guys help?
Have them write to [email protected] if they fit the bill!
Bigger search now:

Update:  If you served in one of these capacities and have achieved success in the civilian sector AND want to be on a reality TV show, write nick at [email protected]: Special Forces, Fuel Handler, Rigger, Civil Affairs, Combat Engineer, Food Services, FO, Aviation, Armor, Military Intelligence Long Range Surveillance.  Thanks!

Obviously this thing needs me to get off the ground, but bring 'em on if you fit the bill.

Howe and Howe Tech

Warrior Legacy Foundation has a dynamo up in Maine running our Wounded Heroes program named Pam Payeur. I went up there last Summer for a fundraiser for WLF and she had gotten the Howe & Howe brothers to bring our some of their toys. Pretty amazing stuff, well tonight we can see the continued partnership she is working on as the Howe's bring out more good stuff.

Please tune into Discovery Channel at 8pm tonite to watch our good friends at Howe and Howe
Technologies/Black Ops Brothers. If I'm not mistaken, you may just see my son and myself in some
of the footage of the Riptide test run. The Howe's were kind enough to invite us to this event. I have
to say it was probably the most fun a person could have with their clothes on. No lie.

Sounds good to me and there is more in the works.

Walking the talk

It's easy to say you support the troops, plenty of people simply mouth the words as a platitude. Sometimes you see a really good example though and most of the time that also tells you about that person. Marco Rubio is one of the good guys and I can't wait to see him on a presidential ticket.

I am the mother of two Marines. My oldest son is a sergeant currently deployed to Afghanistan. On a recent day, I got an exciting and much appreciated phone call from Sen. Marco Rubio [R-Fla.]. He called to let me know that on his recent trip to Afghanistan, he was able to meet my son Sgt. Adam Eri, and that he was doing well, was in great spirits and to thank me for raising such a fine young man serving our country.

What a surprise this was to me that he not only took the time to visit our Marines in a war zone, but to get our phone number from our son and call us to let us know how he was doing.

Our son is a graduate of George Jenkins High School and has served in the Marine Corps for seven years now. This is his third deployment and he is currently deployed with 2nd Battalion 3rd Marines out of Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii.

I was so humbled and grateful at this act of kindness that he took the time to call me. He shared a bit of the area where our son is deployed and the progress our Marines are making in that area. And, yes, they are making progress.

In addition, he shared he would be praying for our son and all service personnel serving. I felt so honored and thankful for this phone call. I knew I voted for the right man last elections.



A visit from politicians is hardly the greatest thing in the world to our troops in the field, most would much rather have a concert or maybe some NFL cheerleaders. But at least it is a break. They volunteered to be there and while it is nice to have the politicians show some gratitude and support its kinda expected. But Mom didn't volunteer. Mom is scared about what could happen to her son. And for Rubio to take time to tell Mom that her boy is OK and to be proud of him means more than any visit to a US base. It is good for both Mom and the Marine who knows she now feels better. Well done Senator. h/t K-Lo at NRO

Lebanon now a terrorist state

While you may have been busy with important prep for Obama's speech tonight, the country of Lebanon just left the building. Well they made Hezbollah's chosen candidate Prime Minister, and that is pretty bad news. There was little enough control, well OK basically none over Hezbollah previously, but now the Iranian proxy will almost certainly ramp up all their bad projects.

They have completely rebuilt and over-re-armed all of their armed enclaves near the Israeli border. The only way the UN observers could have been more helpful to this process was if they had actually unloaded the trucks full of rockets and other weaponry rolling in from Syria instead of just standing by and watching them roll in.

This mess has been brewing for decades but came to a head last month.

Hezbollah left the government to protest Hariri's refusal to renounce a controversial United Nations tribunal investigating the assassination of his father, former prime minister Rafik al-Hariri, in 2005. The bombing that killed the elder Hariri left 22 others dead as well. Sealed indictments handed down last week are widely expected to accuse members of Hezbollah of orchestrating the bombing, an accusation that the group staunchly denies.

There is conclusive evidence that Hezbollah killed Hariri including cell phone records tracking their people directly to the scene. This really makes it tough for all of the apologists who claim that they are really just a charity group that helps the poor people of Lebanon. Of course they do charity work and other social welfare actions, but those are merely a facade which attempts, and fails miserably, to hide the terrorist apparatus that is Hezbollah's true purpose.

What will this portend? Oh all kinds of nastiness, and when you tie this to a good possibility that what passes for leadership among the Palestinians may fall, it's gonna get uglier.

After assuming the role of prosecutor and judge, Al- Jazeera, the Arab world’s most influential TV network, has ruled that the leaders of the Palestinian Authority have betrayed their people and must therefore step down from the stage.

The “defendants” have been found guilty of ceding control over most of east Jerusalem to Israel, relinquishing the right of return for millions of Palestinian refugees and conducting security coordination with Israeli security authorities.

This is all tied to the release of the Palestine Papers by al Jaz and they are certainly living up to the metaphor of a show trial. The question is what happens if they succeed and Abbas falls. That country is nearly devoid of uncorrupted politicians and one of it's two political parties is a terrorist group that out radicals Hezbollah. So yeah, next Summer is probably gonna be a hot one in the area and it wouldn't be surprising at all for Israel to be fighting terrorist enemies on two borders. We gotta look at cutting our defense budget and reaping some of this Obama charm offensive's peace dividend.

Miracles, Heroes, Opportunities - Someone You Should Know Follow Up

RE:  SSG Patrick Zeigler -  Someone You Should Know

First, read this about SSG Patrick Zeigler - John Hinderaker at Powerline has been following the story of SSG Zeigler as he miraculously recovers from his wounds from Islamic terrorist Nidal Hassan.  Nissan's shot took out 20% of SSG Zeigler's brain.  And he got married! 

Then, you should read SSG and Mrs. Zeigler's blog - Turning Tragedy into a Love Story.  In particular, read this post about OCS.  It's a tough read, but worth your time (and please do not read too much into her statements about rank - one of Patrick's goals was to be an officer).

[Thank you to Marisa G for sending the links]