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Is That Your Middle Finger???

Update and bump from B5:  Over at Another Voice is an update on this travesty...

I really have to stop cruising the internet while eating pastries.   I finally got the donut cleaned off of my computer (sticking with the cop theme) and get to dish on the unbelievable stupidity I found that Andrew Breitbart had over at Big Peace.

Let me just bounce this off ya'

Fayetteville, North Carolina,  home of Fort Bragg, is planning a 10-day celebration and homecoming this November to honor Vietnam Vets.  Its a honor well deserved.  These soldiers, marines, and other vets served our nation honorably. It’s not their fault that we had lousy leadership in Washington that lost the war.

But Fayetteville Mayor Tony Chavonne decided to “honor” the Vets by reaching out to Quaker House,  an anti-Vietnam war protesting outfit.  And Quaker House said they are glad to participate and intend to show two anti-war films that include Jane Fonda.   As in “Hanoi Jane.”  This is how they plan to “honor Vietnam vets.”

OK, anyone else spitting coffee or breafast pastries on their monitor screen?  Yeah, thought so.  If you hurry and use some 70/30 mix of glass cleaner and Simple Green, you can get it off before it sticks.

I actually had a hard time believing this story, but I have also never underestimated the abysmal depth of human stupidity.  Did this mental midget forget where his John Brown hindparts were located on the planet?  Did he wake up and think he was Mayor Bloomberg?  Does he need me to show him how to practice intersection and resection on a 1:50,000 scale map to attempt to re-orient himself and find his actual location on the planet, geographically speaking?

Perhaps as an all encompassing event to honor veterans, we can scare up some pirate Arab DVD's that show how Osama Bin Laden is a hero and how there are two sides to 9/11 (or could we just borrow it from Michael Moore?) 

Maybe I just expect too much....  Nice way to wave that middle finger at veterans of that war Mr. Mayor....  I hope Senator McCain gives you a buzz and lets you know how he feels about that.

As usual, outrage expressed here is always welcome, but feel free to cut and paste your response to His Mayorship right here.