Walking the talk
Reality TV check

Howe and Howe Tech

Warrior Legacy Foundation has a dynamo up in Maine running our Wounded Heroes program named Pam Payeur. I went up there last Summer for a fundraiser for WLF and she had gotten the Howe & Howe brothers to bring our some of their toys. Pretty amazing stuff, well tonight we can see the continued partnership she is working on as the Howe's bring out more good stuff.

Please tune into Discovery Channel at 8pm tonite to watch our good friends at Howe and Howe
Technologies/Black Ops Brothers. If I'm not mistaken, you may just see my son and myself in some
of the footage of the Riptide test run. The Howe's were kind enough to invite us to this event. I have
to say it was probably the most fun a person could have with their clothes on. No lie.

Sounds good to me and there is more in the works.