Happy New Year
Videos from the XO, now CO, of the USS Enterprise are "Raunchy"?

Happy New Year To All Those Deployed

Happy-new-year-military091 And of course, to all of you back here at home.

This time of year?  Well, isn't it RESOLUTION TIME? 

Or is that just too 1980's to do?

This year, I resolve:

1.  To make better resolutions

2.  To help B5 continually improve this site

3.  To make more contributions (heh. time- the only thing I need more of)

4.  To find a REAL job

5.  Enjoy my family much, much more.'

6.  And lastly, improve my firearms skillz.  Been lacking as of late.  Not enough time on the range.

Come join us the rest of the year as we figger out what the heck may be going on out there...