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Dugway Lockdown Lifted?

Updating and Bumping:  Lockdown caused by a missing amount of VX.  There is a news conference coming up later, and while they are pushing hard the small amount (less than a teaspoon) it is a big deal given how little VX is needed to do big things.  Good news is, they found the missing amount.  So-so news is it may simply have been a clerical error (or so one is led to hope).  Bad news is, there was an error and accountability problems of any type.  Look for a push on the first two, and a sincere hope that the latter will be overlooked or can be kept low on the radar I suspect. 


Interesting.  Dugway Proving Grounds went on lockdown last night for a "serious concern" and and has apparently just lifted the lockdown about an hour ago.  Dugway serves a number of functions, including being the site of testing related to chemical and biological weapons and protecting the troops from same.  It was the basis for the base in the movie Rage.

There is chatter on various boards about this, and at least one person is reporting that they are exchanging gchat messages with a family member and that activity is in the chem/bio area.  That said, there is a lot of chaff to wheat on the boards and I'm inclined to be cautious on most of what is out there.  The one thing I have no problem being less than cautious about is that I am reasonably sure it is not because the zombies have gotten out or that the zombie virus has been released

There is nothing posted on the Dugway main page, and the news site (such as it is, which isn't much at all) hasn't got anything.  So far, all reports are from local media (picked up by national) and you can find them here, here, and here (includes update lockdown lifted)


As a note to the terminally confused, such a lockdown is not "Weird" but SOP under a variety of different cirucmstances.  Depending on the base and what is involved, it can be for theft on up to theft of classified materials, and more.  This one is interesting because of the base and the lack of info, but that is not weird either.  One often holds back details if a law enforcement or related operation is underway, and that is an area that even TV crime shows get right:  you don't release all details because you need some things not public in order to catch the real criminal.  Not sure if that is the case here, but it would not be weird for you except that this is Dugway and it's "eeevil" because of the CB protective work done there.