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Douchebury on the 2nd Amendment

I realize that expecting intelligent commentary from Garry Trudeau on a hot button liberal issue is a waste of time, but his strip today is just patently offensive. His theme for the week is following armed Congressmen to their districts, which is dumb but not yet disgusting. Take a look at this though.


Really Garry, "high capacity magazines" and "fondling a Glock"? Wow buddy, that's subtle. What are you trying to say? What a complete douche. Oppose the 2nd Amendment and mock those who support it as you wish, but those references to the Tucson nuttah are just low and base and pathetic. Licensed gun owners and especially those with concealed carry permits are some of the most law-abiding citizens we have. Smearing them like this shows not just how little you know about red state America and the good people who populate it, but just how little respect you have for our Constitution. Jackwagon!