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Book Review- This time we win by Jim Robbins

Jim Robbins writes for the Washington Times and other pubs and he's also the guy who let's me come and play with his Masters in Terrorism course as a guest evaluator. It is fun to see how creative and how much more intelligent than our real enemies these students are in creating a terrorist group and then planning attacks against us. He wrote a book last year called "This time we win- revisiting the Tet Offensive" that I read and really enjoyed. It is well-researched and written and contains a considerable amount of information about Tet that doesn't normally get discussed. It was a totally different battle than anyone back here in America ever heard about. But I wanted to get a more expert viewpoint, so I gave it to my Dad. He is a West Point grad w/ two tours in Vietnam and I think his words pretty much say all you need to know about this book.

Jim Robbins tells a story of Viet Nam which reflects my memory in a way that no other author has even approached. While I was not "in country" during the Tet Offensive, I was there before and after Tet. The picture he paints is a "must read" for any Viet Nam vet. He not only knows the true story, but additionally must be brilliant because he agrees with me

Russ Hanson

1st Infantry Div, 65/66

11th Armored Cavalry Regiment 69

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