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Book Recommendations - Brent Weeks

With the heavy topics we've covered in the last few days, I thought I'd post up on something a bit different...

While I usually read a few books per week (it's how I wind down), I don't normally read fanstasy and science fiction.  I have read most of the major authors of the genre (TLR when I was 10) and if you consider my age, I've read a lot of fantasy and science fiction over the last three to four decades, I just don't normally seek it out.  On my nightstand right now is a fictional best-sellar on the Templars, a book on cave exploration, and a few other books friends have given me to check out.  A review of LtCol Oliver North's latest book is coming soon.

A few years ago, a friend recommended the George Martin series, starting with A Game of Thrones.  I didn't really care for it and stopped any forays into the newest genre, Fantasy Noire.  But, to show what I (don't) know, Martin has a legion of fans and his books are being turned into a mini-series for HBO out some time this year.

Another friend recently recommended Brent Weeks' books to me, starting with the Night Angel Trilogy.  If I would have known that it was considered in the noire sub-genre of the fantasy division, I might have taken a pass, but my ignorance led me to find what I'm sure will be one of this generation's greatest authors. 

Anyway, instead of a complete review, I'll post the email that I sent to Brent Weeks (Subject:  Damn you, Brent Weeks!).  It should serve as fine a review as anything I'd write:

Dear Brent-

Upon a recommendation from a friend, I picked up your Night Angel Trilogy in preparation for a family beach vacation.
Instead of saving the trilogy for the vacation, I decided to start reading The Way of Shadows at midnight one night.  By the fourth chapter, I was hooked.  There were more than a few days/nights when I got maybe an hour or two of sleep because I couldn't put your books down.

Starbucks made a fortune off of me while I was consumed with reading your trilogy.  My usual insane level of productivity dropped precariously low.  My children wondered who that zombie was sitting at the dinner table in Dad's chair. 

All kidding aside, this is the first time I've ever written to an author as a fan and I will be buying every book you produce.
Keep up the great work - it is amazing!

Best regards,


He responded (to my surprise), but, since I didn't ask for permission to post his email, I won't publish it here.  Suffice it to say that he was appreciative, honest and engaging.

Last week, I finished his latest book - The Black Prism.

Brent Weeks' website is here.  Go check it out.