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Annoying text messsages

I'm not one of those people who live with their nose in their Blackberry constantly responding to inaninty after inanity. It is almost comical to watch these people unable to control themselves and like a monkey in a crack experiment, just hitting that button over and over and over. You know who you are. Well a suicide bomber in Russia got what is perhaps the most annoying text message in history.

An unexpected and unwanted text message from a wireless company prematurely exploded a would-be suicide bomber’s vest bomb in Russia New Year’s Eve, inadvertently thwarting a planned attack on revelers in Moscow, according to The Daily Telegraph.

The would-be suicide bomber was planning to detonate a suicide belt bomb near Red Square, a plan that was foiled when her wireless carrier sent her an SMS while she was still at a safe house, setting off the bomb and killing her. The message reportedly wished her a Happy New Years, according to the report, which sourced the info from security forces in Russia. Cell phones are often used as makeshift detonators by terrorist and insurgent groups.

That is simply beautiful.