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A Distinguished Service Cross & another 173rd paratrooper

Tomorrow we will award the second highest military honor to a member of the 2nd of the 503rd, as usual Tanker Babe has the story.

On November 9, 2007 SGT Takes (his rank at the time) was a Team Leader in Chosen Company, 2nd Battalion (Airborne), 503rd Infantry Regiment.  Their patrol had left the village of Aranas and had been hiking through the incredibly rugged and remote terrain of the Hindu Kush mountains when they were ambushed.
Following is the story in my own words as best I know it:
When the ambush happened the entire patrol was almost immediately pinned down along a narrow trail in the mountains.  SGT Takes and his men returned fire and he began giving orders first to lay down suppressive fire then for his men to follow him towards an area that would provide better cover.  SGT Takes put himself in harms way by drawing the enemy fire as his men moved to better cover.  He was shot in one of his arms while doing so but was able to join them while moving through the hail of bullets
By the time SGT Takes joined back up with is men everyone of them had been wounded and one had been killed in action.  They, as well as another element of the US patrol, were still be fired upon from multiple locations by the enemy estimated to be 150 strong.  At one point during the ambush that lasted for hours an RPG landed so close to SGT Takes that it rendered him unconscious for a time.  When he recovered he realized that another of his men had been knocked down a hill by the RPG.  SGT Takes moved to pull that Soldier back to safety with his good arm.  While doing so he was shot in his good arm.  SGT Takes was shot multiple times during the ambush.  Thankfully his IBA "caught" most of the rounds.
Although he was shot in both arms it is my understanding that SGT Takes helped to treat the wounded from his team before leaving them to help out another team in the patrol that had taken more casualties and was continuing to take fire.
When the ambush was over six great men, true American Heroes, had been killed and many more had been wounded.  I wrote about those six American Heroes here.
1LT Matthew Ferrara
SGT Jeffery Mersman
CPL Sean K. A. Langevin
CPL Lester Roque
SPC Joseph M Lancour
Marine SGT Phillip A. Bocks.