Say What? Who Is A Predator?

Where's Blackfive?

Well, you have have heard that Blackfive, Jimbo, and others are on a mission of mercy related to Soldier's Angels this week.  However, in the spirit of ABC, CNN, and others who posted on the arrival of the President in Afghanistan before he arrived, I am going to let the cat out of the bag and tell you that our intrepid team is not in DC as indicated. 

Instead, they have departed on a rescue mission to bring their unique skills to helping a group trapped for a week.  They will be inserted soonest, and Blackfive has promised to show them his secret method that "ensures you get every last drop out of the keg" while Jimbo has promised some sort of mad survival skill -- not sure what, just sure it will be mad and rad. I've heard that TSO has promised the entertainment, some sort of Japanese opera thing, or opera related to Japan, characters based in Japan, butterflies,  something... 

In all seriousness, thoughts go out to those over there in this situation and similar ones.  I have family and friends there, and hear that things truly are bad.  So, take a moment to send a thought or prayer out that way.