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The continued incompetence of our enemies

If we can be thankful for one thing in the war waged against us by the hirabis, it is their near complete, glaring incompetence. And when I say us, I mean western civilization since the latest failure was in Sweden. This clown at least managed to burn his car up before prematurely exploding his intestines onto the street.

Mr. Lindstrand said that interviews conducted by police in the past 24 hours with eyewitnesses and others had provided “a slightly better picture” of the bombing, which probably involved three explosive devices. The man who died in the second explosion was carrying two bombs, one strapped to his waist and another in his backpack, the police said. The police said the car involved in the first explosion, an aging white Audi 80 that been bought at the end of November, had also been rigged as a bomb, using canisters of gas.

A report in the Stockholm newspaper Expressen said the bomber appeared to have set off one of the two bombs he was carrying when he stumbled. “It’s not unreasonable to assume that he could have made a mistake, so that a portion of the bomb detonated and caused his death,” Mr. Lindstrand said. “There is speculation that he was on his way to a place where there are a lot of people. This was in the middle of Stockholm, in the middle of Christmas; it’s not a daring guess.”

We cannot hope that all of the evil swine who wish us harm are as useless as they have seemed to be. They did pull off 9/11, so we must remain vigilant even forward-leaning. And we can redouble our efforts to infiltrate mosques, universities and online forums where the jackwagons radicalize. Didn't need the FBI to entrap this guy did we, but it sure would have been better than hoping he was a clumsy loser.