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Stuxnet a success for Department of Dirty Tricks

One thing I believe we do far too little of, is operate in the realm of dirty tricks. By that I mean, quick raids on bad guys, blowing up things, and in this age online trickeration. Now this could open us up to renewed attacks ourselves, but there are some times it is worth the risk. The recent Stuxnet worm is an example of cyberwarfare that may have had more impact on slowing down Iran's rush to nukes than any physical acts and all the formalized lying in formal wear combined.

The Stuxnet virus, which has attacked Iran’s nuclear facilities and which Israel is suspected of creating, has set back the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program by two years, a top German computer consultant who was one of the first experts to analyze the program’s code told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday.

“It will take two years for Iran to get back on track,” Langer said in a telephone interview from his office in Hamburg, Germany. “This was nearly as effective as a military strike, but even better since there are no fatalities and no full-blown war. From a military perspective, this was a huge success.”

Brilliant! No blowback and a knee right to the nads of their program. This is hardly the first example of sabotage attempts against the program, as well as spying and recruitment of Iranian scientists. But it is such an elegant way to rip the guts out of their centrifuge systems by turning the machines against themselves. Granted this was likely the Israelis, but you gotta figger we knew about it. Hopefully this will remind our leaders that dirty tricks properly applied can discourage bad actors from needing a full-fledged military intervention.