Say What? Who Is A Predator?

South Koreans provoke the North- Assange provokes me

I know it is wrong, but I'm having trouble being too worried about the Koreas trying out some of their hardware.

SEOUL, South Korea – South Korean troops pushed ahead with naval firing drills Monday, a day after North Korea warned the exercises would aggravate tensions between the rivals following the North's deadly shelling of a front-line South Korean island.

Regional powers stepped up diplomatic efforts to head off further conflict, with President Barack Obama speaking to China's Hu Jintao by telephone Monday and top diplomats from the U.S., South Korea and Japan scheduled to hold talks later in Washington.

Can't we just set up a PayPal account that we, the Chinese, Japanese and South Korea can use to pay the NorkGeld and skip the talks? I do look forward to reading about the diplomatic efforts when Assange takes his next public dump. Speaking of the Aussie Arse, he was whining in an interview and claimed to have received hundreds of death threats, which I believe, but also that their were hundreds of US military militants after him. I don't recall that MOS, anyone know what militant is. Oh and Ass-Flange, if the US military wanted to hush your cakehole it would just be hushed. The only question would be a nice hole ventiliating your cranium or a larger pile of rubble and your rescrambling into component molecules.

The sad thing is this most recent collection of missives from those we send to do our formalized lying in formal wear shows they were actually doing something beside nibbling petir fours by the pool. Hillary had 'em spying, good on 'ya Hills. I think that maybe we should publish all their cables as a regular practice. But aside from the fact that our diplomats may actually be in the game, this collection of tabloid fodder obscures the fact that when Assange released the sitreps from Afghanistan, there were names and villages of Afghans who had worked with us. That was so far over the line, that I think he should have disappeared right then. That is an attack on our war efforts and the lives of anyone who conspires with the evil crusaders as we try to scrabble some sort of peace together.

We have been bitch-slapped around by that pitiful, petty villain for way too long. Either Eric Holder and Obama man up and indict Assange frog marching him in chains to a civilian courthouse in NYC (Ha ha ha ha I know), or we should just make him go away, pour encourager les autres. Stealing secrets from the United States and screwing up our good work around the world (that's right) should hurt if you do it. Bring the pain!