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Payback is a social medevac

Bwaa Ha Ha! Oh this is just too rich.

Oh, the humiliation. Once not so long ago one of the world's top celebrities in his own right, Barack Obama and his wife Michelle did not make the cut for invitations to the royal wedding in London next spring.

On April 29 in Westminster Abbey with all the grace and pageantry sure to capture international imaginations, commoner Kate Middleton will marry Prince William, son of Princess Diana. And don't forget the horsedrawn carriage perhaps.

But the current residents of the White House will not be there, according to the Daily Mail.

The question now is whether it is better to grovel or threaten to get invited, or to pretend you don't care. Obama would be wise to choose the second and just continue his F Britain policy. He has made a point about his dislike of Britain from the very start and it seems the royals noticed. I mean O began by deposing a bust of the hated colonialist Winston Churchill, then segued to insulting the Prime Minister with a gift of DVDs that won't play in England, doubling down on dumb with a gift of an iPod to the Queen helpfully filled with the soaring oratory of O himself. I think it is obvious to anyone paying attention that Obama holds disdain and possibly disgust for a country that oppressed so many including mistreating his own grandfather in Kenya during the Mau Mau terror. I heartily congratulate William Arthur Phillip Louis on his upcoming nuptials and his resolve not to sully the ceremony with a couple who have no love or respect for the country that gave birth to ours. I know the Prince's full name since he was born while I was in high school and our local radio station was WAPL. They took full notice of the homage to their call sign.